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Debbie Christoforatos
Hi, my name is Debbie Christoforatos

I’m a multidisciplinary designer and author based in the Caribbean.
I work primarily with Illustrations, Logo Design, Photo Editing, Apparel, and Book Design. I also enjoy collaborating with other designers and writers, for both, digital and print.


• Illustration • Graphic Design • Photography • Creative Writing


``The forest whispers my name``

The Nymphai Series Now Available

“At evening, as he returns from the chase, he sounds his note, playing sweet and low on his pipes of reed . . . At that hour the clear-voiced Nymphai are with him and move with nimble feet, singing by some spring of dark water, while Ekho wails about the mountain-top.”


Female spirits of the natural world–minor goddesses of the forests, rivers, springs, meadows, mountains and seas. They were the crafters of nature’s wild beauty, from the growing of trees, flowers and shrubs, to the nurture of wild animals and birds, and the formation of grottos, springs, brooks and wetlands. They were also companions of the gods.


“If you love me, you will go now. I would have you live. For once they wake, I cannot stop them...”


Medusa once had charms; to gain her love a rival crowd of envious lovers strove. They, who have seen her, own, they ne’er did trace More moving features in a sweeter face. Yet above all, her length of hair, they own, In golden ringlets wav’d, and graceful shone. – Ovid, Metamorphoses

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